Why Skeletek Racks?

The new patent pending Skeletek rack designed for 19" wide standard devices comes in many sizes that are guaranteed to fit your needs. For under $100.00, you will get the best value for your money. Get all your devices off your tables and floors and organize them into one neat standing mobile rack making it convenient and pleasurable working on your lab. And now the new heavy-duty 28U Skeletek Rack comes with 24-inch deep wheelbase that can handle even deeper devices or servers up to 22" deep. Skeletek racks are modular in design. one modular frame can vertically stack upon another modular unit, very easily assembled from interchangeable rigged components resulting in U sizes ranging from 12U and up to 40U. Comes standard with wheelbase that swivels and locks providing easy mobility on flat surfaces when necessary.

Skeletek Racks grows with you as your lab grows!

No need to worry about future expansions any more. Start small with SKELETEK RACKS for under $100.00, add necessary expansion unit as your lab grows. Economical, lightweight yet sturdy. The special framing design allows you to vertically stack one unit on top of another unit to expand and add more U spaces as needed. Skeletek rack utilizes serrated self-locking hex nuts for quick easy assembly and comes with socket wrench tool incase needed. Philips screwdriver is the only tool you need to assemble the rack. It comes with 8 FREE sets of cage-nuts (32 Pack) to rack up 8 devices and get your started immediately. Extra cage-nuts sold separately, each set of 4 used for one device. With square mounting holes on the frame, you can mount any standard ANSI/EIA RS-301-D compliant network equipment even without additional hardware like cage-nuts.

Available Sizes:

- Standard Skeletek Racks: Comes in sizes 12U, 16U, 20U and 24U
- Standard Expansion Unit: Comes in sizes of 8U, 10U and 12U
- Heavy-Duty Skeletek Rack: Currently comes only in size 28U with no expansion unit

NOTE: 12U size will be discountinued November 15th 2007. 16U is recommended replacement.

Since Skeletek Rack are made from interchangeable iron components, you can use any of the available sizes as expansion unit simply by removing the wheelbase and stocking up the unit on top of another unit. We recommend utilizing balancing techniques OUTLINED HERE only when 40U rack is assembled from two 20U units.


Meets ANSI/EIA RS-310-D, DIN-41492, PART1, IEC297-2, PRAT7 and GB/T3047.2-92 standards.


News & Events

NEW - The new Third generation Skeletek rack comes with new heavy duty type wheels that doubles the weight handling capacity from approximately 300 pounds to 600 pounds making it by far your best choice of racks whether it's for home lab use, office, school or company with small server rooms or closets.


NEW - The wheelbase has been extended by appr oximately 3 inches. Increasing from 19 inches to 22 inches makes it ideal for handling devices with longer depth like servers, routers or switches.


NEW - Added special apertures on side frames of rack to be able to install Skeletek PDU specifically designed for Skeletek racks saving you precious U spaces.
























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